Ideas For Garden Water Features

If you’re searching for the best ideas for Garden Water Features then this blog post is for you! We’ve highlighted the most popular natural stone water features for garden designs in the UK with this neat and informative post. Garden Water Features work wonderfully well in all styles of landscaping, from vintage to clean contemporary. The sound of gently flowing water brings a sense of peace and tranquility to any setting, helping with mindfulness in our hectic and busy modern lives. Have a look through our gallery of images from clients to give you more ideas how these water features can be incorporated into a range of garden designs.

Stone Stack Pyramids

To create a rustic focal point with your garden water feature consider a Stone Stack Pyramid. These features are supplied with a stainless steel base and support pole which allows the core drilled pieces of stone to stack up sequentially in a safe manner.

Window Stones

Also known as Portal Stones, Window Stones are perfect for framing a view or highlighting a particular element in a garden design. As well as the large core window hole, these pieces can also be core drilled vertically to allow water to flow up into the main window hole. Window Stones are becoming more and more popular, notably a wonderful installation at the Ogwen Valley in Snowdonia National Park where multiple stones frame the surrounding mountains.

Boulder Water Features

Ideal for installations in compact spaces, garden boulder water features bring texture and tranquility to any garden design in limited size such as a townhouse garden. These beautiful decorative landscaping rocks are available in a wide range of colours, rock types and sizes to suit all manner of tastes.

Garden Water Features Accessories

Ok, so you’ve chosen the right style of feature for your outdoor space but what else is required to complete the project? Most people like to be environmentally conscious these days so a self contained reservoir and pump system that recycles the water is preferable. They may need to be topped up in the hottest weeks of the year but generally this is the ideal functionality. Read more in our How To Install A Water Feature guide where we explain how to hook up the reservoir, pump, hose and jubilee clips. This hidden system sits underneath the water feature below ground level, giving the feature a sense of magic. In addition to the reservoir pack many homeowners like to add other accessories such as LED night lighting, cobbles and chippings or decorative gravels.