1000lph Pump Pack


1000lph Pump Pack including pump, hose, clip & flow valve regulator.

Note this product is for customers using their own water reservoir.

Only available when purchasing or owning one of our water features.

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1000lph, complete with 10 metres of cable, mains powered, power consumption 45w, must be kept submerged at all times,


Jubilee hose clip, Mild Steel, flat head screw tightening,


30mm diameter Deluxe Aquatic hose, attaches to pump outlet and secured with clip,


Water Feature

The 1000lph Pump Pack is for customers who wish to use their own reservoir with our range of natural stone garden water features.

Add a stone feature to your basket first, or Login here if you already own one.

Please get in touch with any questions before purchasing.


  • 1000lph Pump
  • Clip
  • Hose
  • Flow Valve Regulator

NOTE – this pack can only be bought when purchasing (or owning) one of our “Slate Stack Pyramids” “Stone Monoliths” “Boulders” “Features Stones” or “Window Stones“.