Slate Chippings Handy Bag

18kg of small mixed sized slate chippings.


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Weight 18 kg

Black, Blue, Grey, Plum




Handy Bag


Decorative Stone, Garden Border, Rockery

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Slate Chippings are perfect to use at the base of the water feature to cover the reservoir. Rustic colour, predominantly blue and gold which darkens when wet. Hand picked from a quarry in Pembrokeshire, West Wales. We recommend a single bag to cover a Small Finia 650 Reservoir or two bags for a Large Finia 1000 Reservoir.

Slate Chippings cut down to size to provide covering of the reservoir for the bases of water features. Many clients have been asking what to use on the base and a bulk bag is often way too much, so I’ve decided to start offering these small bags which provide the finishing touches to your water feature installation. The size of these vary from 20mm to 200mm but can easily be broken down in size again. Recommended use is the larger 200mm on the base and then the smaller pieces to fill in the gaps giving complete coverage of the plastic reservoir. Please see our blog on how to lay Gravel and Slate Chippings.

NOTE – this product can only be bought when purchasing one of our “Slate Stack Pyramids” “Stone Monoliths” “Boulders” “Features Stones” or “Window Stones“. This is due to the weight and can be combined onto the same pallet as the main stone and is too costly to ship separately.

We recommend a single bag to cover a Small Finia 650 Reservoir or two bags for a Large Finia 1000 Reservoir.

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Pyramid Installation

All our Stack Pyramids require additional products to complete the water feature functionality, namely a water reservoir, pump, hose and jubilee clips. Either integrate with an existing set up or ideally use our Large Reservoir Pack. Water is recycled through the reservoir and back to the top with the pump, so a constant water supply is not required. We recommend contracting a professional electrician to provide the outside mains power for the pump. All our Stone Stack Pyramids are supplied with the stainless steel base plate.


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