Portland Stone Boulders

Portland Stone Boulders.  Price is per tonne.

Delivery additional and priced on each individual job. As a guide, upto 1 tonne delivered on a pallet = £65.

For larger stones delivered via a hiab depends on distance travelled, as a guide between £250 and £500 depending on distance.

Contact us now with bespoke requirements and we can supply a written quote.


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Weight1000 kg

Cream, White


Portland Stone


Decorative Stone, Garden Border, Rockery

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Portland Stone Boulders. Available in a range of shapes and sizes. Natural or sawn. With access to the quarry, I’m able to look through and select the best pieces available.

These weigh an awful lot so specialist handling is essential. This can all be organised and managed for you.

Boulders add a real presence to any style of garden, whether it be Formal, Contemporary, Traditional or Japanese. Clever designs can combine these boulder features as seating areas as well or as obstacles and platforms for children to explore and climb.

Portland Stone is a world famous Limestone from the Isle of Portland on the Jurassic Coast, Dorset. Mainly used in iconic buildings in and around central London. This has been used on famous buildings such as St Pauls Cathedral and Buckingham Palace. This clean, white stone has made it into a number of award winning gardens at Chelsea Flower Show. One of my favourites from 2018 was the Gin Garden designed by David Neale. Click here for a quick walk around video.

A great place to visit to see how versatile this stone is and what can be created through carvings is Tout Quarry in Portland. Tout Quarry, now known as Tout Quarry Sculpture Park and Nature Reserve, is a sculpture park and nature reserve based within a disused quarry on the Isle of Portland, Dorset, England. It is located within the North-West corner of Tophill. The sculpture park has existed since 1983, while the site has also become a nature reserve around 2004. To date, the quarry displays a collection of various carvings and works in Portland Stone.

If you do choose to visit then a must see is the Memory Stone right next door. Learn more about this project on their website.

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