Window Stone WS36 Standing Stone

Window Stone WS36 is a beautiful decorative standing stone for use as a focal point in a garden design or landscaping project. Pictures are of the exact piece you would receive.

  • Decorative slate standing stone
  • Complementary gravels available


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Dimensions280 × 140 × 660 mm



Standing Stone


Blue, Grey, Plum


110mm (window)



More Info

Window Stone WS36 has a smaller 110mm diameter hole that will frame a favourite view or area of the garden. Crafted from real Welsh Slate, this piece has a quiet subtle beauty that would be perfect in an area for mindfulness such as a Zen or Japanese themed garden design. Split from a larger piece of slate, both faces are very clean, fairly flat and suitable for engraving. The top has been carefully chiseled to echo the rugged mountain tops of North Wales. Gallery images show all sides of the slate and clearly show the reflections on the face when the sunlight hits. This can be converted into a water feature at extra cost.

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