Welsh Stone Reservoir Surround


Welsh Stone blocks from a quarry in South Wales. Consisting of 14 random pieces which can be used as edging around a Finia 1000 reservoir.

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Dimensions1000 × 1000 × 100 mm



14 random blocks

Welsh Stone Reservoir Surround cropped in a random fashion and used as an edging to the Finia 1000 Reservoir, available with our Large Accessory Pack. There are many options for finishing the top of the reservoir or base of a water feature and if there is no existing clear boundary then this is ideal. This will also prevent any gravel or chippings spreading across an area. These can be laid dry or cemented in and fits a 1 metre diameter reservoir perfectly.

Predominanlty a dark brown colour mixed with random copper tints. Sourced direct from a quarry in South Wales, this is often called Welsh Pennant Stone. I’ve used this on a number of jobs over the years and it is very complimentary to the welsh slate, with a similar colour tone.

These can be made to any size. Another popular design is a circa 2 metre diatmer surround and then chippings covering the inside and the top of the reservoir. An example of this can be see in our gallery. This is also very popular among our clients when purchasing our Pyramid Water Features. I can also source other building stone similar to this style for your projects, with access to large quantities of both Portland Stone and Purbeck Stone. Contact us now with custom garden design requirements.