Window Stone WS51 Water Feature

Window Stone WS51 is a beautiful slate monolith core drilled for use as a water feature in a garden design or landscaping project. Pictures are of the exact piece you will receive.

  • Welsh Slate Window Stone Water Feature
  • Additional Reservoir & Pump available in basket.


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Weight175 kg
Dimensions650 × 250 × 700 mm



Water Feature




250mm (window), 35mm (water flow)



More Info

Window Stone WS51 has a 250mm diameter hole that will frame a favourite view or area of the garden. Crafted from real Welsh Slate, this piece has a quiet subtle beauty that would be perfect in an area for mindfulness such as a Zen or Japanese themed garden design. Mostly plum tones with a natural stripe running through where the slate cooled at a different rate many many years ago. A rugged edge exposes the layers of this slate perfectly and is such a unique piece.  Core drilled with a 35mm diameter hole for use as a water feature. Add Large Reservoir pack in the basket which includes all accessories require to run as a water feature. Pictures are of the exact piece you will receive. More Window Stones available here both drilled and undrilled. A design tip would be to add lighting with two or three spots shining at varying angles, which would transform this feature at night. For ideas and inspiration combining cored out holes in stone, take a look at the Samaritans’ Listening Garden designed by Darren Hawkes at Chelsea Flower Show 2023.

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Beautiful unique pieces of real Welsh Slate, hand selected and crafted in the UK.