Window Stone WS40 Standing Stone

Window Stone WS40 is a beautiful decorative standing stone for use as a focal point in a garden design or landscaping project. Pictures are of the exact piece you would receive.

  • Decorative slate standing stone
  • Complementary gravels available


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Weight240 kg
Dimensions480 × 270 × 860 mm



Standing Stone


Green, Grey, Plum


152mm (window)



More Info

Window Stone WS40 has a 152mm diameter hole that will frame a favourite view or area of the garden. Crafted from real Welsh Slate, this piece has a quiet subtle beauty that would be perfect in an area for mindfulness such as a Zen or Japanese themed garden design. Sourced direct from the quarry in North Wales. Sawn base and top gives this feature stone stability and a modern clean cut look, while the edges are natural and rustic. Gallery images highlight some of the key characteristics and a grainy wavey edge. The rear of the stone has a clean, flat, split finish with the front looking much more weathered having been exposed to the elements for many years. The clean finish makes this perfect for carving or as a memorial stone. Bespoke work would be an additional charge. Contact us now to dicsuss  in more detail.  Window Stone WS40 can also be converted into a working water feature at additional cost. Another hole would be core drilled up through the centre to meet the window. An example of a window stone water feature available for sale is Window Stone WS28. A larger chunkier stone that we normally find, pictures are of the exact piece you would receive.

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