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  • Slate Monolith SM270 Standing Stone
  • Slate Monolith SM271 Standing Stone
  • Stone Monolith SM288 Standing Stone
  • £599.00
  • £595.00
  • Stone Monolith SM26
  • Slate Monolith SM272 Standing Stone
  • Slate Monolith SM299 Standing Stone | Welsh Slate Water Features
  • Slate Monolith SM300 Standing Stone | Welsh Slate Water Features
  • Slate Monolith SM306 Standing Stone
  • Slate Monolith SM99 Standing Stone
  • Slate Monolith SM210 Standing Stone
  • Slate Monolith SM127
  • Stone Monolith SM185 Standing Stone
  • £850.00
  • £299.00
  • Slate Monolith SM167
  • £595.00
  • £400.00
  • £645.00
  • £549.00
  • Slate Monolith SM191 Standing Stone
  • Water Feature Beer Rack WFWR5
  • £155.00
  • £175.00
  • Purbeck Stone Stepping Stones
  • £295.00
  • Triad of Stones TS13 | Welsh Slate Water Features
  • Triad of Stones TS14 | Welsh Slate Water Features
  • £165.00
  • Slate Monolith SM196 Standing Stone
  • £235.00
  • £185.00
  • Slate Monolith SM201 Standing Stone
  • Slate Monolith SM200 Standing Stone
  • Stone Monolith SM56 Standing Stone

This range of Natural Stone Monoliths by Welsh Slate Water Features is individually selected from Welsh & English quarries and finished by hand in the UK at Ioan Raymond's Southampton Workshop. Every stone monolith is an entirely unique decorative rock and only available to buy on this website. We take great pride in sourcing the very best natural stone for garden designers, landscapers and most importantly end users.

Stone Monoliths are perfect landscaping rocks for creating a textured focal point in any garden design. We are the only UK supplier who take the time to photograph every stone by hand, so our customers can view the exact piece they will receive. Every product includes the closest approximate dimensions, individual photos and a unique description that lists the unique features of each individual stone monolith. The big difference in our service is that we are a small independent team who simply love what we do.

Our Small Monoliths are under 500mm in height and are ideally placed in limited spaces such as terraces, city and townhouse gardens. Medium Monoliths are between 500mm and 850mm in height and are well suited as a centrepiece in cottage gardens, contemporary semi and detached houses. To make a real statement, our range of Large Monoliths are all over 850mm in height and create a striking elements to any significantly sized garden or landscape development.

The use of stone monoliths goes back thousands of years into human culture, from the 10,000 year old structures at Gobekli Tepe in Turkey to the wonder of the Stonehenge stone circle in England. We connect with natural stone in an incredibly organic way, visually the way light and shadow dance across layers of Welsh Slate is as captivating as a roaring log fire, as just one example. Wales is full of incredible historic sites with neolithic standing stones, such as Moel Ty Uchaf, Bryn Cader Faner and burial chambers such as Pentre Ifan or Capel Garmon.

We've provided stone monoliths and window stones for celebrities like Charlie Dimmock and Calum Best, as well as a centenary memorial stone that was displayed at RHS Chelsea Flower Show as well as Garden Boulders for the show Filthy Garden SOS on Channel 5. We can also source pieces of Welsh slate, Portland Stone and Purbeck Stone to order, please get in touch to discuss bespoke requirements. Delivery is FREE to all standard UK postcodes, please contact us for international and remote area shipping quotes.