Slate Monolith SM188 Standing Stone

Slate Monolith SM188 is a large 1metre tall plum coloured monolith with a hint of quartz mixed in. The shape and curve on this piece is unreal which makes this a very unique and unusual standing stone. Whilst the front is rather rounded, the rear of the stone is very flat with a natural, riven finish. This would make a real statement and focal point in a garden.

  • Welsh Slate decorative monolith
  • Complementary gravel available in the basket

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Dimensions450 × 300 × 1000 mm



Standing Stone





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Slate Monolith SM188 standing at 1metre tall predominantly plum in colour with a small mix of quartz mixed in. This monolith has a wonderful curve to it, sweeping down ftom the top to the right hand side making this a very unique piece. This would lend itself to a more modern, contemporary style garden design, but equally would work well in a more traditional cottage style garden, giving the surrounding environment an instantly aged feel. This large slate monolith is blessed with some amazing curves and looks beautiful from all angles. Please note the photos are of the exact landscaping rock for sale and there is only one available.

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  • outdoor bench crafted from three slabs of real Welsh Slate
  • £195.00