Stone Monolith SM309

Stone Monolith SM309 is a stunning large free standing striking stone for use in a rockery or border garden design. It has some unique and stunning markings with a vibrant, natural palette. Would suit a Japanese Themed garden design. Free UK Delivery.

  • Quartz standing stone
  • Complementary gravels, cobbles & pebbles available


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Weight350 kg
Dimensions900 × 700 × 300 mm



Rockery, Standing Stone


Green, Grey, Orange



More Info

Stone Monolith SM309 standing stone was chosen at a quarry in North Wales and hand finished in our Southampton workshop. At 900mm tall, this large stone monolith is ideal as a feature stone in a large garden design, or as part of a group of stones in a larger landscaping project. Natural sawn base with both faces and edges being natural and fairly jagged and rough. Sawn at the base so is nice and stable and freestanding. Could also be drilled as a water feature at extra cost. A sloping, craggy top with a small amount of lychen and moss. Stone Monolith SM309 is very unusual and has many unique characteristics with a range of colours running throughout.  This can easily be combined with similar size stones to create a small Zen like retreat in your garden. Mix with other stone and slate products such as slate chippings and slate stepping stones to create a simple Japanese style garden. This is the only stone monoloith standing stone like this in the workshop, but could be combined with slate monoliths that share a simlar darker tone. Monoliths of this size and shape are becoming increasingly difficult to source in the quarry. Suitable applications for this Large Stone Monolith could be a playground, activity centre or as a seat to sit and relax and enjoy your garden space. Contact Us now with any questions or queries.

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