Installing a Stone Water Feature in a garden design is a great way to add movement, sound and a focal point. The presence of water in a garden attracts wildlife and also enhances the natural mood. Natural stone comes in many forms, although one of the most popular types in UK gardens is Welsh Slate. Monolith water features and stone stack pyramids both make great slate garden ornaments.

Located near a patio, a natural stone waterfall fountain created with a large stone monolith can often be the perfect finishing touch to a garden design. Water is often viewed as a huge positive for mindfulness in the garden, the visual and aural experience enhancing one’s outdoor space. Using stone gravels is a great way to highlight natural stone ornaments in a garden design, where balancing colours and textures is a key element. Slate chippings in 20mm format are one of the most popular UK garden gravel choices.

Stone Water Features come in a range of styles and sizes, and there are many cheap resin replica products available in retail park garden centres for budget prices. Bespoke water features for gardens make for far superior finished results, and having a unique piece of garden art brings daily enjoyment.

Stone Monoliths

Monoliths are large pieces of natural stone, commonly rectangular in shape and are sometimes referred to as Garden Obelisks. The core of the piece can be drilled to allow a flow of water (read our how to install a water feature guide for detailed information). Monoliths are usually crafted from Welsh Slate or Portland Stone, both offering their own unique properties to enhance a landscaping project.

Drilled Boulders

If space is restricted, or the design requirement is for a smaller garden feature, drilled boulders are a great way to achieve water movement in gardens with limited room. Boulders come in a variety of stones types, such as sandstone, granite, slate, Purbeck stone and quartz. This means there are lots of ways to match a garden boulder with various styles of planting.

Slate Pyramids

Stacks of natural slate, aligned with a centrally drilled core to allow placement on a stand as well as the flow of water. Pyramids create a natural waterfall effect in any garden design and range from 600mm tall to the large 1828mm tower.