Triad of Stones TS08

Triad of Stones TS08 features three complementary tall slimline standing stones for arrangement in a landscaping project. Ideally suited to a contemporary or Japanese themed setting, these slender obelisks of slate will bring subtle texture to any outdoor space.


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Decorative Stone, Standing Stone

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Triad of Stones TS08 are long narrow columns of slate with a sawn base and could be installed in a solid concrete base for extra stability. Triads of stones are perfect for adding simple organic textures and depth to Japanese or modern garden designs. This set of monoliths consists of three pieces at varying lenghts to compliment each other. On sunny days the light and shadows will reflect nicely and with planting nearby will create different shapes and shadows as the sunlight transitions throughout the day.

Slate 1 = 770mm x 100 x 80

Slate 2 = 650mm x 110 x 60

Slate 3 = 550mm x 100 x 80

  • £195.00
  • outdoor bench crafted from three slabs of real Welsh Slate
  • £215.00
  • £249.00