Stone Boulder SB49 Standing Stone Case Study

Stone Boulder SB49 Standing Stone Case Study features two extra large boulders source and customised as entrance signs to a stunning property. The boulders were sourced direct from the quarry in Dorset and delivered to the workshop.

These were carefully selected to very specific requirements from the client. As well as the size, they had to have a natural flat finish and be able to take an engraving for the house name. The fronts were both faced off and polished to create a clean smooth surface in readiness for engraving.

Once the design was agreed and signed off by the client the engraving could begin. Uppercase lettering was selected to be big and bold split evenly across three lines. Black infill was chosen to lift the lettering and make it really stand out.

We have a number of large Purbeck Stone Boulders in stock which can all be cut, dressed and if applicable, engraved with house names, number or could be used as memorial stones. We also convert stones into bird baths by carving a bowl in the top to contain water. A recent example is Stone Bird Bath SBB13. Alternatively Stone Boulder SB52 could work as a focal point or natural garden seat. Contact us with your requirements.