Window Stone WS4

Window Stone WS4 is a stunning contemporary feature crafted from premium Welsh Slate, which combines both a window stone feature and can be core drilled once again to accommodate a hose for water flow. This window stone can accommodate a powerful window of water or a reduced flow with a more gentle trickle.

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Dimensions500 × 160 × 1000 mm

Black, Blue, Grey


Welsh Slate


250mm (window hole)

Window Stone WS4 is a great alternative ornament to the traditional stone monolith. They provide a window for unique view, and act as a focal point and centre piece in small and medium sized gardens. Larger gardens can of course find homes for Window Stones, as they integrate well as part of a wider landscaped design. Window Stone WS4 is not currently drilled as a water feature but can easily be done so for an additional cost. Natural stones like Window Stone WS4 are very unusual, unique and simply cannot be mass produced in large quantities. If you would like to commission something similar then please contact us now.

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