Triad of Stones TS17

Triad of Stones TS17 features three complementary rockery stones for arrangement in a landscaping project. Ideally suited to a contemporary or Japanese themed setting, these complimentary pieces of real stone will bring subtle texture to any outdoor space. Not too heavy and can easily be moved by one person. Free UK Delivery.

  • Purbeck Rockery Stones
  • Ideal for a Japanese Style Garden


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Purbeck Stone


Cream, Yellow


Decorative Stone, Standing Stone

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Triad of Stones TS17 are a complimentary mix of Purbeck Stone roackery pieces. These could be installed in a solid concrete base for stability but it’s not essential. Triads of stones are perfect for adding simple organic textures and depth to Japanese or modern garden designs. This set of stones consists of two large sizes and one medium size. These are relatively chunky but could be moved by one person. A design tip would be to use these rockery stones to act as a boundary or as a transition between zones or areas in a garden design. The varying lenghts attract interest and act as a focal point. The larger flat top boulder could be drilled as a water feature or a bowl carved out of the top to convert into a water bowl. There will be an additional charge for this extra work. Contact us now to discuss further. Lighting these purbeck rockery stones will make a real impact in the evening. We can cut these to any size you require and have approximately 20 of these in stock at variying lengths. Bulk discount is available as quite a few of these will fit onto a single pallet for delivery. Clients have also used these successfully as edging borders or planting areas. If you have any queries then please contact us now.


1 = 750mm high x 500mm wide x 230mm thick

2 = 800mm x 400mm x 180mm

3 = 600mm x 300mm x 175mm

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