Stone Boulder SB91

Stone Boulder SB91 has been selected as the perfect piece for a garden seat or decorative stone. This is one of the largest stone boulders currently in stock. Can also be converted into a water feature or water bowl. Free UK Delivery.

  • Stone Boulder
  • Can be converted into a water feature
  • Free UK Delivery


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Weight200 kg
Dimensions1250 × 800 × 280 mm

Purbeck Stone


Decorative Stone, Seating


Cream, Yellow



More Info

Stone Boulder SB91 was selected at a UK quarry in Dorset and recently delivered to our workshop in Southampton. This is one of the larger flat top boulders we currently have in stock. It has not been sawn and has a naturally flat top and bottom with natural rounded edges. Measuring approximately 1250mm long x 800mm wide x 280mm high. A nice rectangular shape full of earthy tones. Boulders of this size, shape and quality are becoming increasingly difficult to find in the quarry. Please contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements. We could also drill this as a water feature at additional cost but you would need a very big container or reservoir to catch and recirculate the water. An alternative option is to carve the stone in such a way to create a smaller channel for the water to meander over and flow down the side of the rock into a container. Another suitable application would be as a large seat or a platform next to a swimming pool or a platform for a large sculpture to be placed on top. Please check the photos carefully as they are of the exact unique boulder for sale and there is only one available. Product image gives some scale of the size of this stone with gallery images showing some closer detailed shots. Please contact us with any questions you may have. Happy to discuss lifting requirements and options for handling this size stone. See some previous examples and additional info on our Info page. We have approx 40 big Purbeck boulders currently in stock ready to go. If you like Stone Boulder SB90 we can also transform these into water features like Stone Boulder SB62 Water Featue or carve a bowl as a garden bird bath like Stone Boulder Bird Bath SBB16. Alternatively we can carve all the way through and transform into a stone boulder fire pit like Stone Boulder SB64 Fire Pit. These are just some examples of the work we have done. If you are a designer and have an idea in mind then please contact us to discuss your requirements. We have many years of experience sourcing, selecting, crafting and transforming stone into functional pieces of garden art.

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