Window Stone SWS2

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Window Stone SWS2 is a Large Plum Slate Window Stone, 1030mm in height, which combines both a window stone feature and is then core drilled once again to accommodate a hose and water to create a water feature.


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Dimensions1030 mm



Welsh Slate

Slate window stones are a great alternative to the traditional stone monolith. They provide a window for unique view, and act as a focal point and centre piece in small and medium sized gardens. Larger gardens can of course find homes for Window Stones, as they integrate well as part of a wider landscaped design.

Water flow can be adjusted to create a powerful window of water or with a reduced flow creates a more gentle trickle. When a waterproof LED light is added to the top of the water feature outlet, this will light the water as it flows through. When the sun goes down, the entire window will be lit up which makes for a striking impressive feature.

A fairly flat face on the front of the slate will create a regular even flow of water downwards, creating a consistent smooth relaxing noise, as opposed to irregular splashing. This style of feature works well in a planted border area or within a more hardscape rockery area.

Read more in our Guide To Window Stones:

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*Price includes complete water feature package, Reservoir, Pump, Hose, Clip and lights*.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss a project before buying, please get in touch here:

1 review for Window Stone SWS2

    Darren P Campbell
    10th November 2020
    My wife and I are extremely happy with this purchase. Love the window stone, such an individual piece and looks a fantastic feature in our newly landscaped garden. Very pleased with the service we received from Ioan and are already looking to use him again for a new project at work. I would highly recommend using this company if you are looking for a monolith or window stone for your garden project, Ioan could not be more helpful.
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