Japanese Monolith JM26 Standing Stone

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Japanese Monolith JM26 is a beautiful standing stone crafted from real Welsh Slate. This piece is 1metre tall and is a very substantial feature stone, with exposed sweeping curved layers running throughout. An extra ledge near the base creates further interest. The water will pool in here and create a mini pond in the stone, yes it is that big. This quite substantial piece of slate would form the central stone if placed as a triad with smaller accompanying stones.  Japanese Monolith JM14 and JM19 would sit well with this piece as they’re sourced from the same quarry.

1 review for Japanese Monolith JM26 Standing Stone

    5th January 2022
    We have been lucky to get there first. This stone is absolutely stunning. I have not seen anything like it. Definitely a Wow statement for our landscaping around our swimming pool.
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