Granite Boulder GB3


Granite Boulder GB3 is a lovely natural green coloured boulder which transforms in colour between wet and dry. Can be placed as a feature stone or core drilled as a water feature. This piece is a perfect feature stone for a compact garden design.

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Dimensions450 × 400 × 250 mm



Green, White

Granite Boulder GB3 is like a glacial boulder full of amazing colours. It has amazing shades of green and white which change when the stone is wet and dry. This beautiful garden rock ornament has been ethically sourced from a UK quarry and hand finished by Ioan Raymond in his Southampton workshop. Discover lots of how to guides and gardening tips on our Blog. Small garden boulders add texture and accents to garden designs and landscaping projects. Boulders are so versatile and can have a wide range of uses and be integrated into so many different designs. Look best when accompanied together with 3 and ideally at varying sizes.

This can easily be drilled and transformed into a water feature and would fit on one of our smaller reservoir packs which can be found on the Accessories page. Lighting can also be added to finish this off in style. We have a few more of these boulders in different colours which we will be adding to the website shortly. If you require a number of these please contact us so we can create a package of boulders for you and save you money on the transport. Approximately 4 to 5 of these could fit onto a single pallet.


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