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Guide To Window Stones

Window Stones make a great alternative to a standard monolith water feature, with the key characteristic being a large hole core drilled horizontally through the stone. They provide a window for unique view, and act as a focal point and centre piece in small and medium sized gardens. Larger gardens can of course find homes for Window Stones, as they integrate well as part of a wider landscaped design.

The diameter of these holes vary depending on the size of the window stone itself, although here at Welsh Slate Water Features we try to ensure the hole is in proportion to the stone itself, so it look aesthetically correct. Maximising the opportunity for the window whilst maintaining structure to the stone is the challenge. The hole that remains once the core has been removed reveals the inner beauty of the stone or slate. The internal colourations are normally slightly different as this part of the stone is fresh and hasn’t been exposed to the outdoor elements until now. The other striking benefit the stone gives once the core has been removed is the ability to naturally frame a view or part of a garden. This gives a different perspective from the view in front and adds another dimension to any garden design.

Water Feature Window Stones

Another variation on this design is drilling vertically through the stone to transform into a water feature. The hose is concealed in this part and when connected to a pump the window is filled with water. The speed and flow can be regulated on the pump to achieve the desired effect.

A gentle smooth flow will create a nice tranquil environment and help attract wildlife to your garden, alternatively the pump can be maximised and a high pressure flow of water will create a window of water as it bounces off the top of the internal core and starts to circulate and flow around the hole, before gravity takes over and the water flows effortlessly down the face of the stone.

Our blog contains a detailed guide on How To Install a Water Feature, well worth a read before investing in a new garden project.

Lighting for Window Stones

Lighting completes this design. A waterproof LED can be added to where the water flows out. This is recessed into the hole and the hose feeds through, creating spectacular finished results. An equally attractive alternative garden lighting design is with 3 to 4 spot lights mounted near the base on brackets. Using varying angles can light up the contours and ridges in the stone, highlighting different details to daytime light.

Window Stone Info

The majority of window stones I create are drilled from Welsh Slate. I have made a few from quartz and granite but this material proves very difficult to drill at such a large size. A recent addition to this material list is Portland Stone. These are proving to be quite popular as this stone is perfect for carving. I’m just in the process of fixing up a new drill rig which will allow me to drill these out much easier. Once this is set up I hope to document the end to end process and hopefully follow it through to a garden installation with photos throughout the journey, from quarry to garden. An important point to note, the drilled monoliths can be turned into window stones but these are all drilled right through from top to bottom, therefore the small cored out hole will continue above the cored out hole. If you would like to commission one of these designs then please contact me via the Contact page.

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