Slate Monolith SM148 Standing Stone

Slate Monolith SM148 is a beautiful large standing stone for a garden design at 940mm tall with wonderful natural detailing through the rock.


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Dimensions400 × 180 × 940 mm



Blue, Fools Gold, Grey, Plum


Decorative Stone, Standing Stone

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Part of our collection of Large Stone Monoliths, Slate Monolith SM148 is an imposing tower of real Welsh Slate with a sawn base for stability on installation. Please note the photos are of the exact standing stone you will receive and there is only one available. Welsh Slate Water Features are the only UK retailer who select and photograph every single piece by hand, ensuring our customers can properly view all our stone garden features before purchase. The photos show this piece with splashes of water to demonstrate the colour differences between dry and wet conditions. Welsh Slate exudes a wonderful depth when wet, with every colour in the piece becoming richer and warmer.

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