Japanese Monolith JM33 Standing Stone

Japanese Monolith JM33 is a large, rustic, decorative garden stone with breathtaking natural colours, perfect as a focal point in a Zen or Japanese themed landscape design.

  • Decorative slate standing stone
  • Complementary gravels and cobbles available


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Dimensions250 × 660 × 760 mm



Decorative Stone, Standing Stone


Blue, Fools Gold, Grey



Japanese Monolith JM33 is a lovely piece with really distinctive colours. It has a wide base, flat sawn for stability, and tapers to a craggy peak which is reminiscent of Snowdonia’s mountains where it was ethically sourced by hand. We were immediately drawn to the splashes of fools gold against the common blue/grey tones, which gives this decorative stone somewhat of a modern art appearance. In a Zen or Japanese themed garden design it would look great as a centre piece within a simple gravel area, bringing contrast and rich textures to the space.

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