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  • Japanese Monolith JM32 Standing Stone


    Japanese Monolith JM32 is a rugged mountain shaped piece of slate with a sawn base for stability, perfect for a Japanese or Zen themed garden design.

    • Decorative slate standing stone
    • Complementary gravels and cobbles available
  • Japanese Monolith JM33 Standing Stone


    Japanese Monolith JM33 is a large, rustic, decorative garden stone with breathtaking natural colours, perfect as a focal point in a Zen or Japanese themed landscape design.

    • Decorative slate standing stone
    • Complementary gravels and cobbles available
  • Slate Boulder SB33 Water Feature


    Slate Boulder SB33 is rustic stone water feature with jagged edges that produce captivating water drops.

    • Slate boulder water feature
    • Reservoir and Pump pack available in the basket
  • 900mm Slate Stack Pyramid Night Lighting | Welsh Slate Water Features

    900mm Slate Pyramid Water Feature


    900mm Slate Pyramid Water Feature with varying sized pieces of real Welsh Slate, stacked to form a small mountain shape. The water cascades down a ledge at a time, resembling a stream or natural waterfall. This water feature makes a real statement in both traditional and contemporary landscape designs and is also well suited to Japanese garden designs.

    • Stainless steel base plate included.
    • Reservoir & Pump available in the basket.
  • outdoor bench crafted from three slabs of real Welsh Slate

    Welsh Slate Bench


    Add a Welsh Slate Bench to any garden design or landscaping project for the ultimate rustic garden seating. Hand crafted slate blocks as feet and a large top slab as the seating area. Our benches have a chiseled edge finish with a natural clean riven top. Choose from either the small bench (1 metre seat) or the large bench (1.4 metre seat).

  • Waterfall Ledge WL014


    Waterfall Ledge WL014 is bursting with natural blues, greys and rusty fools gold tones. It will make a wonderful shelf in a pond or garden design water feature or alternatively as an XL feature stepping stone. The photos are of the exact piece for sale and there is only one available.

  • Slate Monolith SM129 Standing Stone


    Slate Monolith SM129 is a beautiful 620mm tower of genuine Welsh Slate for use as a standing stone in a garden design or landscaping project. This piece has three sides of natural blue/grey tones and one face covered in rusty fools gold streaks and splashes.

    • Welsh slate standing stone
    • Complementary stone products available
  • Slate Monolith SM133 Standing Stone


    Slate Monolith SM133 is a slimline standing stone made of real Welsh Slate, perfect for adding textures to any rockery or garden border.

    • Small slate standing stone
    • Complementary stone products available
  • Slate Monolith SM135 Standing Stone


    Slate Monolith SM135 is a compact free standing stone for use in a rockery or border garden design. It has four sides in traditional blue/grey tones and a split top covered in beautiful fools gold.

    • Small slate standing stone
    • Decorative cobbles, pebbles & gravels available
  • Slate Monolith SM136 Standing Stone


    Slate Monolith SM136 is a sail shaped standing stone for a garden design rockery or border, crafted from real Welsh Slate, the perfect accessory for the nautically minded gardener?

    • Small slate standing stone
    • Complementary stone products available
  • Stone Boulder SB18 Water Feature


    Stone Boulder SB18 is a beautiful rustic water feature with wonderful natural craggy surfaces and lush blue colour tones. Reservoir & Pump available in the basket.

  • Waterfall Ledge WL015


    Waterfall Ledge WL015 has traditional blue-grey tones and a streak of natural fools gold. It has one straight edge and three rounded edges with lots of organic detailing. It could alternatively be used as a feature stepping stone.

  • Slate Monolith SM134 Standing Stone


    Slate Monolith SM134 is a free standing stone for a compact garden design, crafted from real Welsh slate with a lovely angled top and two distinctive faces.

    • Small slate standing stone
    • Complementary products available
  • Slate Monolith SM48

    Slate Monolith SM48 Water Feature


    Slate Monolith SM48 is a large flat rounded landscaping stone bursting with natural colours. Hand selected from a quarry in South Wales, this horizontal stone water feature is perfect for a small or medium sized garden.

    • Welsh Slate Monolith water feature
    • Reservoir & Pump available in the basket
  • Rustic Slate Rockery Flat

    Rustic Flat Slate Rockery Pieces


    Bulk Loads available of Rustic Flat Slate Rockery Pieces, perfect for stepped waterfall garden designs, as rustic pond surrounds or as random small stepping stones.

    Supplied in loads of one 950kg pallet.

  • Slate Chippings 20mm Bulk Bags

    Slate Chippings 20mm Bulk Bag


    Slate Chippings 20mm Bulk Bags are perfect for garden designs and landscaping projects where covering large surface areas at low cost is a required. We have large quantities of this beautiful natural Welsh Slate in approximately 20mm size chippings.

    Please contact us for commercial loads direct to site.