Japanese Monolith JM22 Standing Stone

Japanese Monolith JM22 is a beautiful standing stone crafted from real Welsh Slate. This piece is 960mm tall and resembles a pyramid / mountain shape with a central peak. This quite substantial piece of slate would form the central stone if placed as a triad with smaller acompanying stones.


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Dimensions300 × 350 × 960 mm



Black, Grey


Rockery, Standing Stone

Japanese Monolith JM22 is a 960mm tall decorative landscaping rock hand crafted from real Welsh Slate. Ideal as a feature stone in a small or medium sized zen garden design, this piece has a flat sawn base for stability. Picked direct from the quarry for its key characteristics with a triangular point facing upwards which is very popular and sought after in Japanese culture and Buddhism. This monolith would work best when placed as part of a triad of stones and would provide a good amount of width when placed alongside thicker, rounded feature stones. Please check the photos carefully as they are of the exact piece for sale and there is only one available. For inspiration and ideas check out a very simple minimalistic design on display at Chelsea Flower Show 2021, ‘A Tranquil Space in the Ciy’, Designed by Mika Misawa, using a simple arrangement of just three plants in pots at varying heights, a simple grey boulder core drilled with an arrangement of box carefully cut into cubes. All tied together with small fine gravel which in Japanese design symbolises water.

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