Wellington T2802 Slate Monolith Memorial | Welsh Slate Water Features

Wellington T2802 Slate Monolith

Slate Monolith JM11 was recently installed near the village of Stanton in Suffolk in remembrance of those who sadly lost their lives in the crash of Wellington T2802 Stanton, 24th May 1942. A plaque was commissioned and fixed to the slate monolith before being anchored and secured into the ground by the fixing team at Somerville Stone.

Monoliths like this are carefully selected from the quarry and split with precision to achieve a very flat service. This is key to ensure engraving is as clear and prominent as possible. Alternatively a flat surface allows a plaque to be fixed directly to the Welsh Slate. On this occasion the client sourced and supplied the plaque and we ensured the slate monolith was the correct size to accommodate the plaque.

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