Slate Monolith SM36

Slate Monolith SM36 is a tall, slender drilled piece of Welsh Slate with a three dimensional feel to it. Large Slate Monoliths like this are becoming increasingly difficult to source from the quarry, and their distinctive looks make them highly desirable as focal points in medium and large garden designs.


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Dimensions480 × 200 × 970 mm

Black, Blue




35mm (water flow)

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Slate Monolith SM36 is a beautiful tall piece of real Welsh slate, with multi faceted sides that will allow for an intricate and engaging flow of water. Core drilled at 35mm, this Large Stone Monolith will be a centrepiece of any medium or large scale garden design. It’s the kind of piece to plan a whole border or rockery around, visit our blog with posts such as How To Install A Water Feature and How To Build A Rockery for ideas and tips. Adding large water features to a garden enhances wellbeing, becoming a focal point for both mindfulness and local wildlife.

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