Waterfall Ledge WL008


Waterfall Ledge WL008 is a large flat 800mm wide piece of real Welsh slate, perfect as pond or garden water feature ledge.

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Dimensions800 × 250 × 40 mm

Welsh Slate


Blue, Fools Gold, Grey


Outdoor Kitchen, Pond Accessory, Stepping Stone

Waterfall Ledge WL008 is a one off piece of genuine Welsh slate that is perfect as a pond or garden water feature accessory. Measuring 800mm x 250mm it’s a great size to create a natural looking ledge or to add texture to a modern design. With an approximate 40mm thickness this piece could alternatively be used as a feature step or an XL sized stepping stone.

Approximately x 70 in various sizes so ideal for larger garden projects. These can easily be stacked and combined onto a pallet to save on transport costs.

Contact us now to discuss sizes and details.