Top 5 Garden Accessories 2020

Welcome to our guide for the Top 5 Garden Accessories in 2020, a list of stunning design features to enhance and highlight both contemporary and traditional gardens. The list includes unique stone water feature pieces, hand crafted in the UK, as well as a couple of modern takes on old favourites, so without further ado…

5. Slate Stepping Stones

Slate is a perennial favourite due to it’s versatility, and these 300mm welsh slate garden stepping stones are perfect for creating leading lines across lawns or magical pathways through trees and foliage.

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Slate Stepping Stone

4. Stone Monolith Water Feature

What better way to make a statement in a garden design than with a majestic tower of stone, carefully core drilled to allow a flow of water to cascade over the rock face.

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Slate Monolith Garden Feature

3. Portland Stone Bench

Clean white rock makes this a great addition to any fresh and modern garden design, although it could work just as well with Cotswolds tones.

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Portland Stone Bench

2. Boulder Water Features

Core drilled boulders that let water flow are a great way to achieve a similar effect to a monolith, but with more subtlety and softness.

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White boulder water feature

1. Slate Stack Pyramids

Equally at home in both traditional and modern garden designs, slate stack pyramids can be stand alone pieces or core drilled as a water feature. They add texture and depth to any setting, making them our number one choice for our Top 5 Garden Accessories 2020 guide.

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Slate pyramid water feature