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The Luxury Home Show

The Luxury Home Show have just released a new video on their you tube channel featuring one of our Extra Large Stone Monoliths. One17Design based in Huddersfield managed this amazing transformation of Roydhouse Manor. See the video below for a complete walk through of this stunning property complete with interviews with the architect and owners.

The stone works used throughout the plot, including the facade of the property aswell as the boundary walls is a light earthy creamy tone. This is very similar in colour to Purbeck Stone on the South Coast aswell as Cotswold Stone. We managed to source a Large glacial style granite boulder which met the brief for the architects from a quarry we work cloesly with in North Wales.

Having cut the base flat, the stone was ready for core drilling. Due to the size and weight this needed careful manouvering onto the rig for core drilling. This process took slightly longer than normal due to the stone being so hard. One of the images below show fours cores in total being extracted. These are all full length aswell which reflects the strength of the stone. If this was softer, the cores often split and are harder to remove, slowing down the drilling operation further. We hope to update this gallery with finished photos soon.

Please see our Large Monolith cateogry for all available monoliths. A very similar style and colour is Stone Monolith SM262 Standing Stone which can be converted into a working water feature by core drilling through. Please contact us with any questions or queries you may have.

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