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In the Workshop

In the Workshop focuses on the designs and projects currently in progress at Welsh Slate Water Features. This will include some behind the scenes content around the tooling used and what’s being cut or core drilled and transformed into stunning water feature designs. Quarry trips and exciting adventures to source and procure stone will also be included. This will give clients early visibility of what’s in the workshop and will becoming available on the website soon.

A number of Purbeck Stone boulders have sold recently so we’ve been busy working our way through our stock of big boulders. To maintain a range of materials, we’ve also been drilling up some medium size granite boulders which takes considerably more effor due to the hardness of the stone.

The light grey granite boulder is approx 300mm high and the core has come out in one single piece. This is due to the material being so hard and tough to drill through, taking a lot longer than drilling slate. Light tones are mixed with beautiful markings and striking quartz streaks running randomly throughout the stone.

The trinagular shaped purbeck boulder is approx 500mm and stood out from the other boulders in the quarry as it had two levels to it. The lower half is slightly wider which will slow down the flow of water as it cascades down the extra width and will create more interest.

Another triangular shape but slightly lower in height and much wider. Undulating surface on the top will look like the water is bouncing as it flows over the ridges and dips. The core was extracted in one, which highlights the strength of this stone.

A more common standard rounded boulder shape completes these four. Light creamy tones randomly mixed with darker brown colours all exagerated when water starts flowing. These will all be added to the boulders category on the shop soon.

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