Terracotta Garden Case Study | Welsh Slate Water Features

Terracotta Garden Case Study

This terracotta garden case study features one our Large Stone Monolith water features in it’s new home, surrounded by beautifully contrasting tones of red brick, plum slate chippings and careful planting choices.

Many of our monolith garden stones find their forever gardens as the centre piece of focal point, but this lovely low maintenance design demonstrates the monolith set amongst garden ornaments and pots, including a terracotta chimney pot planter.

This particular stone monolith, reference SM13, has a wonderful stacked feel with multiple ledges and some incredible veining throughout the natural garden stone.

Words from the garden’s owner Linda:

I’ve had three water features in the past but none as nice as this one! We bought a great stone bird bath in Blauneau Ffestioniog slate mine but the reservoir was a bit slow as other features were self contained. With the size of this monolith we are fortunate to have a friend who is built like a gentle giant and he got it up on the wall and just walked it into place! It’s a beautiful piece of slate I’m very pleased, it looks lovely and has taken it’s place very well, many thanks!