Water Feature Wine Rack WFWR4

Water Feature Wine Rack WFWR4 core drilled horizontally for your wine bottles to rest in. Vertically drilled for a hose to then cascade water down onto your wine and chill it in the garden for you. This is a great party piece on a garden patio.

  • Portland Stone Monolith water feature
  • Reservoir & Pump available in the basket


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Dimensions340 × 150 × 610 mm

Portland Stone


Outdoor Kitchen, Water Feature


Cream, Grey


35mm (water flow), 90mm (wine rack)




Reservoir & Pump (available in the basket)

More Info

Water Feature Wine Rack WFWR4 is core drilled with capacity for 8 bottles of fine wine. Holes are cored in a uniform fashion at approximately 90mm diameter. These cores have been reused, split down and re used as coasters. This stone has been hand picked from a quarry in Portland, Dorset on the Jurassic Coast. It has then been sawn, drilled and dressed back in the workshop.

An additional 35mm hole core drilled vertically transforms this stone wine rack into a garden water feature. The falling water cools your wine to the perfect temperature. The ideal positioning would be on or near a patio, close to the alfresco area of a garden design. Stone consists of unique properties which will keep your wine at a consistently cool temperature. It won’t expand and contract like other materials. All you have to do is ensure it’s regularly filled up with new bottles! If you like this bespoke wine holder design but want something bigger, please do not hesitate to contact us. We carry a lot of raw block which can be cut down to size and drilled to your requirements.

Water feature wine racks are great patio gifts for wine and garden lovers, as well as making truly unique gifts for birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations. They can also be engraved to add that personal touch. In order to operate as a water feature, you will need a reservoir, hose and pump. Lighting can also be added to transform your water feature in the evening. All accessories are available in the Basket.


All our core drilled Stone Monoliths require additional products to complete the water feature functionality, namely a water reservoir, pump, hose and jubilee clips. Either integrate with an existing set up or ideally use our Large Reservoir Pack. Water is recycled through the reservoir and back to the top with the pump, so a constant water supply is not required. We recommend contracting a professional electrician to provide the outside mains power for the pump.

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