Slate Monolith SMU7

Slate Monolith SMU7 is an undrilled feature stone which is perfect for a rockery or in a Japanese Style Garden. Just over a metre in length, this could be laid flat or placed upright in the ground. A mix of colours, predominantly Plum with a weathered style face and white quartz tones running throughout.


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Dimensions280 × 170 × 1080 mm



Decorative Stone, Rockery, Standing Stone

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Slate Monolith SMU7 is a beautiful piece of real Welsh Slate that can be laid either horizontally or vertically. This could be placed with SMU5, SMU6 and SMU8 as a set of Slate Monoliths, sometimes referred to as stone obelisks. Large stones such as this are perfect for creating focal points and adding organic tones to landscape designs.

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