Slate Monolith SM275 Water Feature

Slate Monolith SM275 is a beautiful piece of real Welsh Slate, core drilled to allow water to flow vertically through the feature in a garden setting. Free UK Delivery.

  • Medium slate water feature stone
  • Additional Reservoir & Pump available in basket


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Weight100 kg
Dimensions420 × 260 × 530 mm



Water Feature




30mm (water flow)



More Info

Slate Monolith SM275 is a really striking piece, due to it’s varied natural colours and markings. Placing this Medium Sized Monolith where it can be viewed from at least 180 degrees would be ideal, as all faces have interest and unique patina. A fairly natural flat top lends itself to a more modern, contemporary garden design. The flow at the top will appear slower and more relaxed as the water extends out over the top before descending and dropping down the edges. Additional gallery images highlight just a few of the many beautiful natural colourations on this unique garden monolith. A design tip would be to add a small number of lower level boulders or rockery pieces to ease the transition in height into the overall garden design. Combine this stone with our Large Reservoir Pack to complete the water functionality, available in the basket. Add a couple of bags of small slate chippings to cover the top of the plastic reservoir, available in the basket. Two bags are recommended to cover completely.



All our core drilled Stone Monoliths require additional products to complete the water feature functionality, namely a water reservoir, pump, hose and jubilee clips. Either integrate with an existing set up or ideally use our Large Reservoir Pack. Water is recycled through the reservoir and back to the top with the pump, so a constant water supply is not required. We recommend contracting a professional electrician to provide the outside mains power for the pump.

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