Stone Boulder SB71 Water Feature

Stone Boulder SB71 is a beautiful blocky natural stone water feature for a medium or large sized garden design. Core drilled from Purbeck Stone from Dorset UK, comes cmplete with stainless steel tube. Combine with our Reservoir Pack or integrate with an existing setup. Free UK Delivery.

  • Stone boulder water feature
  • Reservoir and Pump pack available in the basket


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Weight150 kg
Dimensions700 × 400 × 450 mm

Purbeck Stone


Water Feature




30mm (water flow)

More Info

Stone Boulder SB71 is a stunning Large sized blocky Purbeck Stone Boulder. Measuring 700mm long x 400mm and approximately 450mm high this is a first in this patricular design for us. With a concelaed bottom feed, the water is pumped up through ths stone and exits through a stainless steel pipe, without any pipe work being visible. This design could also be achieved with a rear entry feed but this would result in the hose being on show. With a flat top and the water exiting from the stone lower down, the top can be used as a seating area as this will remain dry. Comes complete with stainless steel tube. Alternatively, a copper pipe could be used to achieve the same effeect. Add a Large Reservoir Pack in the basket which consists of reservoir, pump, hose and clips. Boulders like this are ideal for creating a focal point in a border or rockery. Check the photos carefully as they are of the exact boulder you will receive, in both wet and dry conditions. The colours of natural stone deepen and intensify when wet, with a light colour palette and vibrant earthy tones running throughout. View our youtube channel to see a video of the water flowing. Increase the biodiversity of your own landscape instantly with this unique natural stone water feature.  A very similar alternative feature stone is Stone Boulder SB61. If you prefer a non drilled boulder then Stone Boulder SB52 standing stone is an alternative. For inspiration take a look at America’s Wild, presented by Trailfinders & Visit the USA which just won Gold at Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival. The complementary white flat cobbles and cream zen gravel seen in the photos are also available. Alternatively, use a matching crushed aggregate such as 20mm cotswold style chippings. We have many more boulders in stock in the yard and love to discuss new designs and ideas with potential new clients. Contact us with any questions or queries.

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