Four Seasons Monolith

We’re incredibly proud to present the Four Seasons Monolith, a beautiful tower of genuine Welsh Slate which has the alchemist symbols for spring, summer, autumn and winter hand carved into the front face and is core drilled vertically to allow water to flow out the top. This stunning garden feature sold very soon after release, here are some kind words from it’s owners:

The Brief

We wanted to create a slate monolith water feature with a real difference, something to truly stand out in an end users garden design. Our team initially developed the idea for working with seasonal elements, given that all our garden activities are hugely influenced by the four contrasting British seasons. The idea was further honed into using the Alchemists symbols.

Alchemy Symbolism

Alchemy is an ancient practice that occupies a middle ground between science and philosophy. The beginnings of Alchemy were centred around finding an elixir for immortality, turning basic materials into gold and discovering a cure for all disease. Strong religious beliefs and scientific dogma of the early years meant Alchemists used secret symbols to communicate ideas and theories. From the classical four elements of air, earth, fire and water to the seven planetary metals, Alchemy symbols have a certain mystique that has meant they have been passed down through the centuries and still find a place in modern society.