Stone Monolith SM115 Standing Stone


Portland Stone Monolith SM115 is a superb natural stone garden ornament full of rough lines and ruggedness. This is a stand alone monolith, perfect for adding texture and cool tones to a border, rockery or feature area of a garden. Portland Stone suits both rustic Cotswolds style gardens as well as clean modern designs, due to it’s fresh light tones.

LED Lighting & Portland Stone Rockery Pieces available in the Basket.

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Dimensions400 × 170 × 600 mm



Portland Stone


Decorative Stone, Standing Stone

Stone Monolith SM115 is a stunning Portland Stone garden ornament. This is perfectly suited as a free standing stone. Large, tall, slender standing stones from Portland Stone like this are so rare to find. They tend to be more blocky, rounded and lumpy, without any sort of height. Delivery can be arranged with our courier, alternatively this can be collected from the workshop, strictly by appointment only. Stone Monoliths of this size and shape are getting increasingly difficult to source.

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