Slate Monolith SM9

Slate Monolith SM9 is a wide stone garden water feature, full of curves, contours and interest which guide the eye down the rock, follow the cascading water.

A large surface area on the top will attract wildlife to the garden, as water will gather here before flowing down the faces.

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Dimensions510 × 200 × 650 mm



Welsh Slate


35mm (water flow)

Predominantly plum in colour the photographs show Slate Monolith SM9 when it is wet, please note this will dry a slightly lighter colour. Sourced by hand from a quarry in Wales, this piece was core drilled and finished by Ioan Raymond at his Southampton workshop.

This medium stone monolith will suit a variety of garden styles, although we would recommend it for a garden where local wildlife is welcomed. The large open level top allows a small amount of water to remain, retaining the benefits of a wildlife table or bird bath but enhanced with a natural stone look and feel. With mindfulness so important in our modern lives, this monolith is the perfect choice for the garden lover looking to deepen their connection with their own garden.


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