Slate Monolith SM219 Water Feature

Slate Monolith SM219 is a medium 800mm tall plum coloured monolith with a natural rugged top, core drilled vertically for use as a stunning garden design water feature. Ideally placed near a patio to fully appreciate the sound of soothing running water to help you relax and enjoy your outdoor space.

  • Welsh slate garden water feature
  • Additional Reservoir + Pump available in the basket


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Dimensions800 × 430 × 270 mm



Water Feature




30mm (water flow)



More Info

Slate Monolith SM219 Water Feature standing at 800mm high core drilled as a water feature. This monolith has deep Plum tones and a natural rugged top, which will be exaggerated when the water starts flowing. Natural smooth straight edges lend itself to a more modern, contemporary style garden design, but equally would work well in a more traditional cottage style garden, giving the surrounding environment an instantly aged feel. The perfect addition for a sensory garden design to help you unwind and relax. This medium sized slate monolith is blessed with some amazing curves and looks beautiful from all angles. Please note the photos of Slate Monolith SM219 water feature are of the exact landscaping rock for sale and there is only one available. If you require a larger feature then please check out the Large Category for more ideas and inspiration. A water reservoir + pump are required to complete the water feature functionality, these are available in the basket. Some customers like to integrate our stone water features with existing ponds or water set ups, or some designers will specify our natural stone as part of a bespoke garden design.


All our core drilled Stone Monoliths require additional products to complete the water feature functionality, namely a water reservoir, pump, hose and jubilee clips. Either integrate with an existing set up or ideally use our Large Reservoir Pack. Water is recycled through the reservoir and back to the top with the pump, so a constant water supply is not required. We recommend contracting a professional electrician to provide the outside mains power for the pump.

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