Slate Monolith SM146 Standing Stone

Slate Monolith SM146 is a gorgeous slender feature stone, perfect as a garden design focal point. The vibrant grey tones and visible layers on this piece are a great example of welsh slate.


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Dimensions190 × 150 × 750 mm

Decorative Stone, Rockery, Standing Stone





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At 750mm tall and 100mm and its widest point, this large sized stone monolith is perfect as a focal point in a medium or large scale landscaping projects. Although quite tall, this piece is nice and slender and therefore relatively lightweight compared to other pieces of similar height. Please check the product gallery carefully as this is the exact piece you will receive and there is only one available. Welsh Slate Water Features are the only UK retailer who take the time to choose every stone monolith by hand, photograph every single piece and list them for sale as completely unique products for UK garden designs.