Slate Monolith SM103 Standing Stone

Slate Monolith SM103 is crammed full of character and ruggedness, making it a wonderful standing stone for a discerning garden design or landscaping project. This piece can not be drilled as a water feature.

  • Medium slate standing stone
  • Slate accessories available


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Dimensions220 × 160 × 830 mm



Standing Stone


Fools Gold

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At just over 800mm tall, the base of Slate Monolith SM103 is thick and substantial which supports the unique tower on top.  The subtle textures of real Welsh Slate are magnified on this beautiful Medium ornament and it has truly unique natural stone detailing. This is a very mixed colour with greys and blacks and vibrant stripes adding to the rustic tones. The shape and style of this piece would be ideal for a Japanese style garden.

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