Slate Mill Stone SMS4

Slate Mill Stone SMS4 is a beautiful modern water feature, perfect for adding an organic atmosphere to a small contemporary garden.

  • Welsh Slate Mill Stone water feature
  • Reservoir & Pump available in the basket


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Weight15 kg
Dimensions320 × 320 × 125 mm



Water Feature


Blue, Grey, Plum


30mm (water flow)



More Info

Increase the natural ambience in a compact garden design with Slate Mill Stone SMS4, a cylindrical piece of real Welsh Slate, core drilled to allow the flow of water. Please check the photo gallery carefully, as they are of the exact Mill Stone for sale. Check out our Small Monoliths category for more unique landscaping rocks.


All our core drilled Stone Monoliths require additional products to complete the water feature functionality, namely a water reservoir, pump, hose and jubilee clips. Either integrate with an existing set up or ideally use our Small or Medium Reservoir Pack. Water is recycled through the reservoir and back to the top with the pump, so a constant water supply is not required. We recommend contracting a professional electrician to provide the outside mains power for the pump.

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