Granite Boulder GB57 Water Feature Kit

Granite Boulder GB57 Water Feature kit is a small sized feature stone full of light, rusty tones. All surfaces are smooth and well rounded. This could be placed in a border or rockery design.

  • Drilled granite boulder water feature
  • Includes water reservoir, pump, hose, clips and flow regulator

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Dimensions220 × 280 × 160 mm



Water Feature




25mm (water flow)



More Info

Granite Boulder GB57 Water Feature Kit is an excellent example of a striking piece to be included in a small or medium scale garden design. This colourful piece of real Welsh Stone stood out in the quarry due to its bright and sharp palette. This piece would work well either on its own in a border or placed with a number of other stones. Well rounded and fairly smooth. Includes reservoir pump, hose and clips. Granite Boulder GB57 Water Feature is made from genuine Welsh stone, sourced from a North Wales quarry and hand finished in the Welsh Slate Water Features Workshop in Southampton. Many customers like to use boulders and feature stones with a number of our garden accessories, including slate stepping stones, 20mm chippings and decorative cobbles. 
Stone Boulders are perfect as focal points in landscape designs, they add beautiful natural stone textures and when combined with the Small Reservoir Pack its possible to bring the vibes of Welsh waterfalls to your garden. Natural stone and water help bring tranquility to an outdoor space, ideal for balancing harmony and increasing the potential for mindfulness in your garden.

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