Bodrhyddan Hall

Bodrhyddan Hall is a a stately home with one of the most picturesque gardens open to the public in North Wales. Covering 12 acres of land, the rich history of Bodrhyddan Hall is well evident in the formal garden designs and beautiful landscaping. In the early 2000’s a woodland walk was created to give visitors access to areas with a wonderful array of natural plants and bursting with local wildlife.

Formal Garden

The formal garden at Bodrhyddan Hall lies to the south of the main stately home. It showcases beautifully curated hedge work, an Italian style water feature and large bursts of red, pink and white planting that give a somewhat regal ambience to the setting, matching the grandeur of the Hall itself. The Hall also offers a wedding venue service.

Pleasance & Woodlands

Bodrhyddan Hall’s land to the immediate north and west is an extended pleasance with multiple ponds, wonderful garden features and an Italian style garden house that has a stream with small waterfall ledges leading out through the planting to one of the ponds. This peaceful area is ideal for sitting on a sunny day, soaking in the surroundings and maybe practicing some mindfulness. Heading past the pleasance leads one to the woodland walks, a series of rustic pathways through the trees and bushes to spot the native wildlife.

Visit Bodrhyddan Hall

Conveniently located just a few minutes drive from the main A55 expressway along the North Wales coast, Bodrhyddan Hall is open throughout the year and online booking is essential to avoid disappointment.

Phone: 01745 590 155