Slate Waterfall 4

Slate Waterfall Ledge. This slab is perfect for creating a fall on a natural pond or waterfall. The colours on this piece are truly amazing and look volcanic. Slabs this large, clean and natural are difficult to source.
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Dimensions780 × 400 × 120 mm

Perfect for a Slate Waterfall Ledge. Hand picked from a quarry in Pembrokeshire whilst trying to select interesting and unusually large flat pieces. These are getting increasingly difficult to source.

Strong, quality pieces of this size are rare as they’re usually smaller and more rough and rustic. The colour markings on this piece are volcanic looking. The slate looks like it’s on fire with deep reds, purples and gold tints randomly running across the face. When water flows across this it’s just going to look stunning. Lighting focused on this will look very sharp at night.

The ledge piece is the most important piece on a slate waterfall as if you don’t get this right then you will not have a decent even fall of water cascading down the feature. This is the key stone to get right. You can get away with random rough rockery pieces on the edges, but this anchor stone needs to be flat.

Here’s a guide on wikipedia on how to install a waterfall and things to consider whilst constructing one.

Please see our gallery for inspiration and previous designs involving waterfalls and pyramid water features.

Contact us now with your requirements as we have a small few number of these in stock. We can also cut these to your required size.

The best tip I can give when planning and building your slate or stone waterfall is to not underestimate how much material you will need. It is better to over order and have some pieces left over, than order too little and then be having to using it sparignly.  Any pieces left over can be used and grouped in 3’s around the garden, in borders or around planting where it breaks up the softness of the shrubs. The stone or slate will also then blend in with the waterfall and tie the two together.


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