Basalt Boulder MSBBS02 Garden Seat

Basalt Boulder MSBBS02 is an extra large stone suitable for use in a garden design or landscaping project as a rustic feature seat. It will make a beautiful centrepiece or focal point due to its varied colouring and naturally rounded shape. There are also a number of commercial settings that this large boulder could be suitable for.
Bespoke order for 3 x boulders


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Driveway, Garden Border, Rockery, Sea Defence Boulders, Seating


Black, Brown, Fools Gold





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Basalt Boulder MSBBS02 was chosen at a quarry in North Wales and hand finished in our Southampton workshop. At 600mm tall, this extra large garden boulder is ideal as a feature stone in a large design, or as part of a group of stones in a larger commercial landscaping project such as traffic barriers or sea defences. We can source large quantities of similar large boulders. This can easily be combined with similar size stones to create a small Zen like retreat in your garden. Combine with other real Welsh slate products such as slate chippings and slate stepping stones to create a simple Japanese style garden.

Bespoke order for 3 x boulders