Maen Y Bardd Burial Chamber | Welsh Slate Water Features

Maen Y Bardd

Built around 3500BC, Maen Y Bardd Burial Chamber stands high in the hills above the Conwy valley in North Wales. The southern slopes of Tal Y Fan mountain have many standing stones and monoliths scattered around but Maen Y Bardd is the standout example, a truly charming neolithic site.

Around 1.2m in height, the large capstone of this portal dolman is supported by four upright stones. Maen Y Bardd faces south east and it’s lofty position means it is a wonderful location at sunrise, although the imposing Carneddau mountains mean it loses the setting sunshine a little early. It’s thought this type of burial chamber would’ve once been covered in earth or stone, although the amount of scattered landscaping rocks favours the latter.

The Celtic name Maen y Bardd translates as “The Bard’s Stone” and legend has it that those brave enough to spend a night inside the chamber wake either as a poet or a madman!

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