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  • Water Feature Wine Rack WFWR4Water Feature Wine Rack WFWR4

    Water Feature Wine Rack WFWR4


    Water Feature Wine Rack WFWR4 core drilled horizontally for your wine bottles to rest in. Vertically drilled for a hose to then cascade water down onto your wine and chill it in the garden for you. This is a great party piece on a garden patio.

    • Portland Stone Monolith water feature
    • Reservoir & Pump available in the basket
  • Granite Boulder GB60 Water FeatureGranite Boulder GB60 Water Feature Kit

    Granite Boulder GB60 Water Feature Kit


    Granite Boulder GB60 Water Feature is a small stone water feature kit full of light, rusty tones. All surfaces are natural, full of varying textures, and the stone is core drilled to allow water flow.

    • Drilled granite boulder water feature
    • Includes water reservoir, pump, hose, clips and flow regulator
  • Slate Monolith SM48

    Slate Monolith SM48 Water Feature


    Slate Monolith SM48 is a large flat rounded landscaping stone bursting with natural colours. Hand selected from a quarry in South Wales, this horizontal stone water feature is perfect for a small or medium sized garden.

    • Welsh Slate Monolith water feature
    • Reservoir & Pump available in the basket
  • Stone Monolith SM26

    Stone Monolith SM26 Standing Stone


    Stone Monolith SM26 is a tall, slender piece of Portland Stone with one sawn flat face and one rugged natural edge. The base is not sawn but fairly level, although it should be mounted into a firm setting to retain stability. This natural stone monolith has beautiful fossils, shells & detailing throughout the faces. At 70mm thick this monolith is narrow which makes it lightweight and easy to move.

  • Slate Monolith SM247 Standing Stone


    Slate Monolith SM247 is a landscaping standing stone crafted from real Welsh slate, perfect as a focal point in a garden design.

    • Welsh slate standing stone
    • Complementary garden stone available
  • Water Feature Wine Rack

    Water Feature Wine Rack WFWR3


    Water Feature Wine Rack WFWR3 is core drilled to showcase up to 10 bottles of fine wine in an outdoor kitchen or patio setting. In addition this piece has been vertically drilled to allow for water flow, transforming it into a breathtaking garden water feature with our additional Reservoir Pack.

    • Welsh Slate Wine Rack water feature
    • Reservoir & Pump available in the basket
  • Black Slate Rockery Bulk Bag


    Black Slate Rockery pieces for adding depth and texture to garden designs. These varied flat natural stones have a beautiful deep rich colour.

  • Portland Stone Sail

    Portland Stone Sail


    Made of approximately 160 pieces of 20mm thick, white, smooth Portland stone with a drilled 25mm diameter, this Portland Stone Sail Sculpture is placed on a single stainless steel tube, curved at both ends with a central base down pipe welded in the middle. Stainless steel end caps rounded off at the top.

  • Slate Bird Bath SBB8

    Slate Bird Bath SBB8

    Slate Bird Bath SBB8 is a beautiful angular modern wildlife table, perfect for a contemporary garden design. Crafted from hand selected pieces of ethically sourced real Welsh Slate, the photos are of the exact wildlife table for sale.
  • 100-200mm Cobbles Crate


    Bulk Loads available of 100 – 200mm Cobbles, beautiful mixed colour and size natural stones for creating vibrancy in any garden design.

  • Glacial Gravel

    Glacial Gravel Bulk Bag


    Bulk Bag of Decorative Glacial Gravel in mixed colours. The large tonal range of this varied natural stone increases vibrancy and energy in any garden design setting.

  • Plum Slate Rockery Crate


    Plum Slate Rockery Pieces available in mixed size bulk loads, perfect for adding blues, greys and purples to garden designs.

  • Portland Stone Boulder

    Portland Stone Boulders


    Portland Stone Boulders.  Price is per tonne.

    Delivery additional and priced on each individual job. As a guide, upto 1 tonne delivered on a pallet = £65.

    For larger stones delivered via a hiab depends on distance travelled, as a guide between £250 and £500 depending on distance.

    Contact us now with bespoke requirements and we can supply a written quote.

  • Portland Stone Rockery Pieces

    Portland Stone Rockery Pieces


    Portland Stone Rockery Pieces Small stones and boulders, perfect for a range of garden designs. We can source a range of sizes for various installations. Whether it’s ground covering or feature stones. The colour of this stone lends itself to more modern, contemporary garden designs. Lighting would enhance these further, especially the larger boulder features.

  • Rustic Slate Rockery Flat

    Rustic Flat Slate Rockery Pieces


    Bulk Loads available of Rustic Flat Slate Rockery Pieces, perfect for stepped waterfall garden designs, as rustic pond surrounds or as random small stepping stones.

    Supplied in loads of one 950kg pallet.

  • Window Stone WS26 Standing Stone


    Window Stone WS26 is a stunning contemporary garden feature crafted from Welsh Slate. Predominantly plum in colour it features a slightly darker brown shade towards the base of the slate. Placed near lush green planting, this design can make a real feature and statement.

    • Slate standing stone
    • Complementary decorative gravels available